Seemingly impossible task – finding exact parts without part numbers

The other day I was trying to find where I could buy the exact micro usb connector that’s on Adafruit’s Feather boards. I figured that it would be a pretty common one given that it’s Adafruit. An hour of searching later and I eventually find an Aliexpress listing that looks exactly like it, not so common after all. Even then, the listing only had it as one of an assortment of 50… with no information about what exactly those 50 were. So it took another half hour of digging through Aliexpress listings to eventually find out that the part is apparently called “Micro USB Jack Big Horn”. Seems that internet detective work is a big part of amateur electronics. For anyone else after it, here’s a listing of the part. No guarantees that it is the same though, I’m still waiting for mine to arrive. (Edit: confirmed as correct part, just stuck it on one of my feather pcbs, perfect fit)

Today I’ve had a similar chase, this time for the eagle or diptrace part for a pack of microsd sockets I bought ages ago. I’m sure I got them off ebay or something and there wasn’t much hope of finding a part number. A heap of googling eventually found me an image and a part number (120801 apparently) but turns out that I wasn’t any closer to a CAD part.
Micro SD holder – (I don’t have the board, just the socket)

Eventually I got lucky and a google image search landed me on a Dangerous Prototypes article about a board that had the right part on it! There were even eagle files that I could export the part from!!! Looks like it was an old Seeed part (and was part of an old Seeed eagle library that I can’t find anywhere…).

For anyone interested, here’s the eagle and diptrace files for the microsd socket: download

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