Project Intro: PCB Design

I’ve really gotten into designing my own circuit boards for everything and lately I’m going crazy with it. I moved from prototyping Raspberry Pi and Arduino projects on veroboard/stripboard to having a go at etching my own board to ordering from small-run pcb sites.

My current fan of choice is dirtypcbs. I’m usually ordering a lot of small (not tiny) boards and so I usually panelize groups of them into 100mm x 100mm boards. Dirtypcbs accept these without complaint and have good prices, so I’ve been very happy with them. I used to use dfrobot and got good value and results from them, but one time I was asked to remove the mousebites from a panelized boards, so I switched to Dirtypcbs to stick with the value I was getting by combining boards. I also use Oshpark for any tiny boards that I don’t need many of, they are great quality and better value for those types of orders.