Got my Puck.js today!

It’s a Bluetooth microcontroller running Espruino, a JavaScript interpreter. Firing it up and running some code was so fast and easy. Once I removed the battery tab, I opened the ide, selected the puck from the connection list and then hit upload with the default blink code. This is easily the most polished kickstarter I’ve helped fund.

A couple more feather boards.

I only soldered the basics into these. Given that most projects won’t need all the extras (Usb, Lipo, reset button, some of the passives), I can make some really cheap boards by only using what I need. I’ll still use fully populated boards that I’ve built or bought for prototyping, but I’ll be able to stick <$10 sensors everywhere as well.

The one on the left is my AtMega328 + RS485 interface. The one on the right is the Adafruit Huzzah board.